Well, everything has been “all set” for airbrushing for a while now… Just want to buy some paint for the Musai before I start. Yeah, flimsy excuse, I know… Gotta dust the models… So that’s where we are on that!

Now, what I have I been doing in the meantime? Well, I’ve been doing a test. I’ve set up some cameras, and I’ve been working on building one of my Zudah models on-camera. Once I finish the model (just have the arms and weapons to go) I’m going to upload it to our new YouTube account for all to see. I’m doing this as a test-run for the tutorials I plan to do soon. Hopefully I’ll have worked out all the bugs and issues by the time I start the tutorials.

Anyways, I have 2 Zudah models. One is going to be a basic Zudah suit, proper colors, markings and everything. Not sure if I want to go Fresh, Used, Damaged or Destroyed with it, but I’m thinking either Fresh or Used. The other one, I’m going to take my time with. I’m going to do the best job I can with it, using the best of both kits to create my intended vision, which will be called “The Red Comet”. The idea is based on this image:

So, for The Red Comet, I will give the Zudah a coat of red paint, making it look like a Char Aznable suit! It will be the first non-cannon paint job on a model kit I do.

I’m REALLY looking forwards to it!

Other than that, I’ve been working really hard the last week or two. Plus side is that I’m going to have enough money to buy my first Perfect Grades; Gonna get myself a Strike and a Skygrasper. Looking forwards to purchasing those.

Oh, and I still haven’t gotten those spare parts from Gundam Store and More. Starting to get really pissed that they aren’t responding to my weekly emails. Gonna start emailing them daily starting Monday…