Well, it turned out that my boss for the project just wanted to talk and tell me I did a good job. Just got the check today, so tomorrow morning, I’ll be making a BIG trip to my two favorite local hobby stores. (Tammies Hobbies in Beaverton, then HobbyTown USA in Portland.) If anyone wants to meet up, send me a message on the GPBG forums! Course, first I’ve gotta go buy some new shoes…

As for what my updated backlog will contain, I’ll post that after I’ve purchased them. (Don’t want anyone going out and ninjaing my purchases… =_= Already lost one of my purchases to someone else…)

Meanwhile, nub removal on the Unicorn continues.

As you can see, it’s feeling a bit self-conscious about missing a leg while I worked on it. But in the end, it liked the fixes, and even accepted the existence of it’s flaws.

I DID break it in a few places while trying to separate it for nub removal… Glued the parts back together with Tamiya cement and I’m hoping for the best. (If anyone has some suggestions for how to properly unhinge and remove parts from a HG kit without breaking them, I’m all ears!) I DO have to say that the kit looks WAY better without the nubs. Not quite sure why I didn’t remove them in the first place… Oh yeah! That’s it! I was being lazy. ^_^’

I also finished assembling the main body of the Musai. (No new picts though…) Just have to build the Koumusai then I can paint it!