So, I got the new regulator and tank. I started tearing metal getting the regulator onto the compressor, and the right side up, so I don’t think I’ll be removing it anytime soon. Despite that, there’s a small leak, probably in-between the compressor and the regulator. If it was in the new tank, I would try to fix it, but with the compressor, I don’t think it’ll be much of an issue. Maybe an extra second or two of compressor run-time every minute or so. Not enough for me to try and end up stripping out the metal AGAIN. (Anyone know of a good outside sealant I can use to fix the leak?)

So, when I got the new tank, the first thing I did was fill the first tank (Tank A) to about 58-60-PSI, which seems to be the max my compressor can do. I then filled the new tank (Tank B) to the same PSI, then I topped off Tank A. The last thing I did was to make sure the gauges both read 58 PSI. I then set them aside, and waited.

Twelve hours later, I came back and took a look at what the PSI was. Tank A had dropped to 29 PSI. It had lost half of it’s charge. Calculating that out, it’s losing about 2 & 1/2 PSI an hour. So what did Tank B read? A near as I could tell, it read about 56 PSI. In twelve hours, it had only lost 2 PSI. That’s 1/6th a PSI per hour. In my mind, that’s a much more acceptable rate of loss.

So now I’m left with the question of what to do about Tank A? I could try to locate the source of the leak so I can fix it. I could sell it, as is, on eBay. Or I could just give it away, say to Goodwill or someone else who might want it or be able to fix it. Or I could just recycle it, and be done with it. I’m still not sure.

Final note, I’ve posted many images of my hardware, tools and setups. Expect more as time progresses.