So, airbrushing Burning Gundam, Day 3, was interesting. After letting the parts dry and looking at them, I realized that I probably should of assembled and glued parts of it first. So, I took several parts (most already primed) glued them together, and sanded the seams down as much as I could. This took about a day. I then re-primed the parts I worked on, plus several others, but something awful happened before I could finish… I ran out of primer.

So, I had to wait until I got my next paycheck to order more. When I went looking for primer, I calculated that I would need several bottles to finish this kit and start others, like my Unicorn. So, after look and looking and looking, I decided to swtich from Mr. Primer 1000 to Alclad 2 grey primer. Mostly, I’m switching because of the cost/volume ratio, but also because Alclad 2 comes pre-thinned for airbrushing. I’m waiting for the primer to ship and be delivered, so not much work is going to happen until then.

However, I’ve decided to top-coat my older kits. The 08th MS Team Gundam and Zaku are being cleaned before I spray them with Future Shine. I’m also going to top-coat Wing Gundam and SD Wing Zero. I hope to have these done in a few days.

September was an awesome month for my backlog, for several reasons. First, I found not one, but two rare Turn-A-Gundam kits! These FLATs are the suits the main character comes to Earth in. I’m thinking I’m going to paint one red, to represent the Earth-Militia Flat. We’ll see once I get them prebuilt.

Another rare kit I got was the Gundam Front Tokyo edition Real Grade RX-78-2. Not only is this my first Real Grade kit, but it’s also the first duplicate suit model I’ve purchased. I now own two RX-78-2 kits!

Finally, the three Powered GMs are the first time I’ve bought multiples of the same model kit. I’ve got plans for these… First, I’m working on a tutorial series that will use these three kits. I’m going to show the difference between OOB, glue+markers, and airbrushing kit builds. Afterwards the OOB and glue+marker kits will be cleaned up, then airbrushed for another test; Showing the difference between Tamiya, Mr. Color and Testors paints. (Later I might do other variations, but I’ll always use HG Powered GMs for the test. It’s SCIENCE!)

And, as you can see, I got two more Decal sets. MG  Sinanju Ver.Ka and a MG Zaku II J/F, which I’d gotten for my MG Zaku II S before I realized that Char’s Zaku decals are also the decals for his Gelgoog. I might have to make that part of October’s backlog, but I’m seriously running out of room! I need to finish the kits on my In-Progress shelf to make room for the other kits! It’s kinda overflowing, and with my current October purchases, I don’t know if I’ll have room to put any of them!

I’m thinking I should paint my Mechanical Chain Bases, but if I do, I’m just going to wash them instead of priming them… Would love to do some LED work with them! Anyone know a good tutorial?