My backlog for August 2012 has fully arrived! This time, I’ve picked up a few kits that I’ve been eyeballing for a while now.

In the Master Grade department, I’ve picked up not only my first Master Grade Zaku Kit, but my first Char Aznable kit! I’ve also picked up my first Ver.Ka kit, in the form a Mobile Pod Ball. (I also grabbed some 08th MS Team decals for it.)

Finally, I picked up two very rare Turn-A-Gundam 1/144th scale kits; The Gold and Silver SUMOs. These are the suits that act as the Royal Guard for the Queen of the Moon. I wanted to get a Turn-X and a FLAT too, but I couldn’t find a site that had them.

And that completes my most recent order. My shelves are rather full now, so I’m going to FORCE myself to do some airbrushing this weekend, so I can finally get the Burning Gundam off my shelf, then paint either my EX Musai or my HG Unicorn. Both have been waiting quite a while to be completed…