So, with my August paycheck, I managed to get some fun items! First off, I bought what I think, is the last Mechanical Chain Base 001 that HobbyLink Japan is going to sell. At the moment, they’re still selling 007 and 004, but that may change soon, and then they’ll be out completely. (004 is currently backordered, and then I’ll have one of those shipped to me.) I also managed to get Mechanical Chain Base 005 and 010 from Hobby Search. So far, I’m liking 010 and 007. Really wanted to get a 009, but that was discontinued the Friday before I got my check. *cries*

Anyways, I also got a Sinanju Head Base (kinda hard to find now, and I had to pay a lot more for it than I wanted to…) an Action Base 3, (my first action base!) a MG GM 1.0 edition, which from what I could determine, is actually more of a Super High Grade. Thinking I might get either a 2.0 or a OYW Gundam and do some mods to get the old armor onto the new frame. And, finally, I got a Zaku Warrior from SEED Destiny. But not just any Zaku Warrior… I got the Live Concert Version! While you can conceivably take any Zaku Warrior and convert it into this, I wanted the custom Decals/stickers for this kit.

Other things I bought (but did not photograph) include Pla-Plates, (7 sheets of 0.5mm from Plastruct, and 2 sheets of 1.0mm from Evergreen) paint of various kinds and colors, a plastic shoe box to hold all my paint supplies in, a Digital Caliper for measuring, a Plastic Cutter II from Tamiya (for scribing lines), and some Tamiya finishing abrasives. (AKA sandpaper.)

I was also happy to learn that my local hobby store now sells Tamiya paints! It also sells Evergreen pla-plates. Not sure if that’s new or not, I just don’t remember them selling it. Interestingly, the Plastruct is cheaper per sheet, but I got a 30-45 minute drive to get to the nearest store that sells it. I haven’t crunched the numbers yet, but I think that the cost of the gas kills the per-sheet savings versus buying Evergreen at the local store, which is only 10-15 minutes away.