I’ve finished my Nub removal from the Unicorn Gundam. Here’s a pict using my Chain Bases as a background:

I also re-assembled the Unicorn head, so it actually works correctly now. (It now properly closes up to hide the Destroy-Mode parts.) Now to finish the kit by building the side skirts and the weapons. Thinking I’ll build the Sinanju Head base next.

I also ordered HG Sinanju decals and MG Unicorn Ver Ka decals, since my Mech Chain Base 004 was discontinued before they could fill my order. Basically all the Mech Chain Bases are discontinued now, except for 001. Sadly, I need a 004, another 005, or a 006 to fill out my collection. I would of gotten MG Sinanju decals, but everyone was out. Robot4Less has had them on their “5-7 days” list for about 6 weeks now.