Like most people, I was drawn to Gundam Store and More by their low prices and their sometimes eclectic selection. Before last December, I would of given them a very high rating in terms of service. Yeah, they were often “out of stock” on the kits I wanted, but otherwise, they were a great store.

Then I tried to use their parts-replacement services on December 2nd, to get some missing poly-caps for an old model kit of mine. They sent me my shipment quickly, and I was very happy… until I opened the envelope with the parts inside. Instead of the two polycaps I requested, they had sent me two plastic pieces to a different kit, that I can’t identify. I immediately emailed them back, to let them know that they had sent me the wrong parts, expecting the same fast service that I had come to expect from them.

Flash forwards to today. I still have not received a single email, returned phone call, or chat notification from them, despite my many attempts to communicate with them. (I’ve been emailing them daily for about a week now, with no response.) If I had the money to waste, I would fly over to them, walk into the store, slap them around a bit and demand an answer. All I wanted were the parts I ordered… And now that money’s gone, and I don’t have anything to show for it.

A search on the internet has shown that this is not the first time this has happened. In fact, a lot of people have similar stories with this store. And let’s not even get into their “Gundam Club” scam. They promise to give you a HG and MG model kits, then send you kits from the 80s, (not technically HG kits) or v1 MGs. Basically they’re using their Gundam Club memberships offers as a way to offload their older model kits that they can no longer sell. Some people have even reported ordering specific model kits that they have listed on their “select one of these kits” but then they send them a completely different kit. (Imagine ordering a MG ReZEL kit, but receiving a MG Accguy 1.0 instead.)

This really saddens me, but I’ve come to a decision; I’m going to treat GSAM the same way I treat Wal-Mart; I’m never going to shop there again, unless I have absolutely no other option. And to be clear, in my entire life, I’ve only ever needed to buy something from Wal-Mart twice. I’d rather pay more money somewhere else than deal with Gundam Store and More again.

And I highly recommend that you do the same.