So here’s what happened during November:

I spent a lot of it working, waiting for a paycheck to come in so I could afford the final pieces to my v1 airbrush hardware setup. Sadly, I didn’t get that money until the 29th, so on December 1st, I went out and bought the final pieces to the puzzle. I present to you, for the first time EVER, my airbrushing setup:

As I explained in an earlier post, the air is pushed from my compressor into the T-Junction. The T-junction then feeds into the tank, and the regulator. The regulator is connected to my airbrush, and when not in use, acts like a stopper, feeding the full force of the compressed air into the line from the tank. When in use, the air from the compressor mixes with air from the tank to feed the airbrush. Whatever air isn’t needed flows back into the tank, although at a much slower rate. Once the tank is full, (or filled to the compressor’s maximum capacity) the compressor shuts off, and air flows from the tank, into the regulator, and then into the airbrush. Once the tank has fallen below the compressor’s threshold, (which takes a bit on a 5-gallon tank) the compressor activates, and fills the tank back up to it’s maximum before shutting off again.

The result is a nice, smooth amount of air flowing into my airbrush, reduced wear & tear on my compressor, and a heck of a lot less noise pollution.

But November wasn’t all work and waiting…

I continued work on my old Epyon model kit. I’d started this a very long time ago, and since I was waiting for money to finish my airbrush setup, I figured I’d put together one of my oldest kits, as the last OOB build I would have. (Contests and tutorials aside.) I’m going to give it the same treatment I gave the NG Wing Gundam, so they’ll be brothers of sorts, but I ran into a problem; I was missing two very important pieces: The polycaps that connect the leg to the foot, and the leg to the body. I looked everywhere for them, even tried to scavenge equivalent parts from other kits, but I couldn’t find anything that fit. I don’t know where they went, but I knew I didn’t have the knowledge, the skill, or the parts to try and create some on my own. (Anyone want to point me to a tutorial or something on how I could learn to scratch-build polycaps?) So, once I was paid a few days ago, I decided to look into Part Replacement. My first stop was GG Infinite, but I quickly learned that not only were their replacement order system not operational, but it’d been down for months with no signs of returning. So, I started going down my store bookmarks, trying to find a place that would sell replacement parts to someone in the USA. I ended up on Gundam Store and More‘s website. I wasn’t quite sure what their system was, and when I read that it was a “pay now, then we’ll look for the part and mail it to you” system, I was hesitant to say the least. But they listed my model kit as one of the ones they had to scavenge, so I said what the hell, paid them, and hoped they had the parts. (They fully refund you if they don’t have the parts.) That evening I get a message saying my order has been processed and sent via USPS, along with a tracking number.

I was shocked! Pleased, but shocked! Will my polycaps get here in one piece? I’ll make a post on our Facebook page, and let you know how this turns out.

That sounds like a lot for one month, doesn’t it?

But wait, I’m not done!

I also spent November finishing my prep work on both HG Burning Gundam and the EX Musai!

My original plan was just to airbrush the HG Burning Gundam and be done with it. If my airbrushing ended up melting it, I wouldn’t care too much. Burning Gundam isn’t my favorite kit. But my airbrushing skills would be gained and I could move on to learning other skills (such as airbrushing transparent plastic with HG Unicorn Gundam), and maybe learning about putty. (Learning about Putty and working with Pla-plates was slated for MG Zeong.) Well, that didn’t work out… After I started sanding, gluing and removing the seam lines from Burning after my last airbrushing session, I noticed some rather bad seams that no amount of sanding would fix without removing a lot of the plastic. So, I broke out the putty and used it to fill in the holes. I learned about puttying two models early, but I think it was a good thing. By this point, I was do sooo-much with HG Burning, I figured, why not go all out, and fix these seam lines and over-sanded areas with putty? So, I finished that up, glued as much of the model parts together as I dared/could get away with, and re-skewered them.

So, then they sat, waiting for my airbrush setup to be finished. Then I happened to look at my overflowing backlog shelf, and made the decision to reduce the “in progress” section. So, I grabbed the Musai, glued her together, cleaned up what seam lines I could get to, (I don’t have the fine motor controls to properly remove a seam from a small 1/1700 scale spaceship) and skewered them. I still haven’t decided if I want to leave the transparent plastic transparent or not, but I need to make that decision soon, because if I do, I need to mask them before I prime it.

Musai is going to be primed, pre-shaded, (where possible) painted, then panel-washed to make all those lines stand out. Then, obviously, coated with Future and declared finished.

So that’s what happened in November. My PLAN for last weekend was to finish my setup then prime the models, but two days of shopping really drained me, so I’m going to put off priming Burning and the Musai until this weekend, but that’s when we’re going to go get our Christmas tree, so who knows…

That reminds me… I need to put up my Christmas Tree… Last year I had my HG Unicorn Gundam on the top of my tree. Might do the same thing this year and take a picture of it…