Well, I got my airbrushing equipment a few days ago, so, I had no excuses. I had to airbrush. So, over the last day or so, I finished pulling HG Burning Gundam apart and putting him on skewers with alligator clips. Then, finally, I was ready.

Yesterday, was day 1. I set everything up, got my spray booth in the right spot, put on all my protective gear, mixed up a primer solution, and began to airbrush a runner I’ll be using for color testing. Right away I noticed that my dual-action airbrush was spraying paint when I was pressing down. So, after getting used to it and trying it out a bit on the runner until I ran out of solution, I shut down for the night so I could fix my airbrush, and try to find a more stable setup.

Day 2: Tested my airbrush with some water, and the needle was now properly set. I set my booth back up, mixed up a variation of my primer solution, and did some more testing on my runner. Satisfied with my new solution, I pulled out the first piece and began to spray. I managed to get over two rows of parts done before getting tired. So, I finished up enough to put together the back-pack and the feet, and shut everything down. I finished off the night by cleaning my airbrush.

I need to get some rubbing alcohol tomorrow for cleaning my glass and metal items…